Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Real Time Retreat Work.

Walking and thinking is a way to go on a Retreat (maybe we should call it an Advance instead?). So is praying, as is meditating and goal setting. This work typically takes some time, space, quiet and the will to persist.

Consider this list:

- What do I want to do before I die?
- What do I want to do in the next five years?
- I have six months to live. What do I want to do in those six months?
- Have your life partner do their own personal retreat and then compare notes.

Categories to think about are: personal, professional, financial, physical, spiritual (which includes the contributions you hope to make while you're on this planet), and a wild card (at least one of the "crazy" things you want to do before you die). The names of your categories reflect what you care about in life.

As you answer the questions, look for words that wake you up, that appeal to both your head and your heart. And use the what, why, who, how questions for each category to clarify your personal vision as you go forward into the rest of 2009. Whether your personal retreat stretches over two-days or half-a-day, take nothing but yourself and a laptop or paper and a pen.

Schedule the meeting, please. Listen only to yourself. So many of us can see at least a portion of the potential in our lives and yet the story in our mind is simply getting in the way. The solution is most often right in front of us and usually involves changing the story.

Thomas Leonard suggests that the ten stepping stones of a strong personal foundation are:

• A past which you've fully completed.

• A life which is truly based on integrity.

• Needs which have been identified and fully met.

• Boundaries which are ample and automatic.

• Standards which bring out your best.

• An absence of things you tolerate.

• Always choosing to come from a positive place.

• A family that nurtures you.

• A community that develops you.

• A life fully oriented around your true values.

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