Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Examples of CSR in action.

Here are some examples of local and national CSR initiatives:

REEF Sandals in Carlsbad, California, a premier surf brand, believes it is the responsibility of every company to make strides toward creating less waste, and to improve their processes accordingly. The REEF Redemption Program is a part of REEF’s commitment to employing what the company believes to be environmentally conscious and socially responsible business practices. This initiative is defined through three components:

- The company has introduced a new product series that incorporates, wherever reasonably possible, renewable, recycled, and/or organic materials to produce a unique REEF product.

- REEF also champions a culture of giving. The company contributes 1% of the sales of this product series to non-profit foundations in support of environmental and humanitarian efforts around the world. It states, "We feel that, as surfers and business people creating products relative to the surfing lifestyle, we have a distinct responsibility to act as stewards of the environment and the surrounding communities. It is imperative that we contribute toward the preservation and restoration of our natural world."

- In addition, more than half of the company's employees have volunteered to be a part of an initiative to evaluate REEF’s day-to-day business activities. Their goal is to find ways to reduce their energy and material usage. They've employed some innovative environmental strategies in the company's new global headquarters and are constantly striving to improve their processes.

In the spirit of REEF’s growing culture of giving, members of this committee are constantly looking for ways to give back to the community through outreach and volunteer programs. As an example, for two years now, star REEF surfing team rider, Ben Bourgeois, and global team manager, Heath Nutty Walker, have been giving back to the community by teaming up with Temple Heights (Oceanside) school teacher Yvonne Obrite with a reading program called Reading Dragons. Ben and Heath have donated all there extra REEF products to the program that Yvonne teaches. From clothing to sandals. Yvonne awards the kids in the program when they achieve goals with there reading skills with REEF stuff from Ben and Heath.

Walgreens drugstores, founded on the south side of Chicago in 1901, opens 425 new stores each year and should reach 7,000 stores by 2010. Walgreens also has a conscious philosophy of CSR which it defines as:
- caring for our neighbors
- caring for our dollars
- caring for our planet
- caring for our people

Believing that good citizenship leads to good business, one of these initiatives is Take Care Clinics, a part of Take Care Health Systems (, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Walgreens, open 7-days a week to provide routine physicals, vaccinations, diagnosis and prescriptions. These convenient care clinics are located at 330 select Walgreens drugstores nationwide. Patient care at each of the clinics is provided by Take Care Health Services, an independently owned state professional corporation established in each market.

In addition, take Care Employer Solutions (, provides worksite-based health and wellness services, from primary care and pharmacy to occupational health and comprehensive wellness and fitness services. The company combines best practices in healthcare and the expertise and personal care of our trusted community of providers to deliver access to high-quality, affordable and convenient healthcare to all individuals. Take Care Employer Solutions manages health centers at nearly 370 employer campuses across the country.

Since its founding, Walgreens and its employees have recognized the connection between strong communities and good business. Its motto, "The Pharmacy America Trusts," reflects a belief in ethical business practices and a respect for employees who work to improve their communities.

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