Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How not to manage change.

Post 317.

After 30-years experience as an executive coach and consultant, here's a summary of how I've seen weak managers deal (or not deal) with change:

• They don’t set specific change goals and measure toward them for success

• They're reactive, not proactive, wait until they're forced to change

• They don’t get out in front of change

• They see change as the exception, not the rule

• They procrastinate – put it off 'till tomorrow

• They like to tell people what to do, they're bad listeners

• They try to “order it in”

• They think they can do it all by themselves

• They don’t involve others or ask for input and feedback

• They don’t trust others

• They're reluctant to confront long-term employees

• They dislike confrontation – see everything in win/lose terms

• They argue with others when they get feedback

• They don’t tell employees why change is needed

• They're impatient – want 'better' results right away

• They're not always clear exactly what 'better' means

• They try to change too many things at the same time

• They don’t realize how different change elements are interconnected

• They don’t use pilot programs to learn and make corrections

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