Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to test your company’s creative ability.

Post 536 - Last Friday, I had lunch with eight colleagues where we talked about our experiences with innovation and creativity. One of those present was a visiting researcher from Sweden who introduced us to the following test. I thought you might find it useful. Just answer YES or NO to the following ten questions:

1. Are you encouraged to be creative and come up with new ideas at work?

2. Do you and your colleagues take initiatives even if the outcomes are uncertain?

3. Are you allowed to fail in your workplace?

4. Do you experience the atmosphere at your workplace as lively and eventful?

5. Do you feel that there’s room for humor and laughter in your workplace?

6. Does your boss listen to you? Is there a dialogue rather than a monologue at your workplace?

7. Do you have time to think of new ideas?

8. Have you and your colleagues the opportunity to take part in how the company is managed and developed?

9. Do you verbally encourage others in the workplace?

10. Are you encouraged to collaborate with others?

The number of YES answers to the above test are evaluated as follows:

0-3 YES:
Probably you don’t have much room to be creative.

Action: Download Farida’s dissertation summary on and give the dissertation to your management! Do the test again after six months and if the score hasn’t improved - change jobs!

4 – 6 YES;
Not a super-creative company, but has the right conditions to
become one!

Action: Work on the points that you’ve answered NO to and enhance
the areas where you've answered YES.

7-10 YES:
You’re probably in an organization that can perform and deliver
super-creative results.

Action: Spread the word, and recruit more people who don’t have space to be creative in their current companies. Focus on your own creativity so you can get even better results.

Farida’s research shows that when employees are more creative, you get both better economic results and a healthier, happier staff.

For more information, contact:
Dr. Farida Rasulzada
Department of Psychology
Lund University, Sweden
+46 (0) 736 222 121

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