Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Letter to My Sons About Mother's Day By Judith Viorst.

Post 483 - May 10th, 1908 was the first celebration of modern American Mother's Day. Anna M. Jarvis, whose mother tried to reunite families splintered by the Civil War, campaigned for an official day set aside to honor mothers in America. That tradition still continues to this day.

For some people, this will be a Mother's Day without a mother. I hope the memories of days gone by and time spent with her comforts you, as it does me. Take a moment on Sunday to reflect on the many ways she's impacted your life. And for all you guys with mothers still alive, this poem is for you.....

A Letter to My Sons About Mother's Day By Judith Viorst

Unlike King Lear I am well aware
That extravagant expressions of affection
Do not necessarily mean that our children adore us,
Or that their failure to write or phone or do lots of
lovely things for us
Means that they don't.
I am, in addition, well aware
That most of the wise, mature, sensible women I know
Have nothing but disdain for Mother's Day,
Which they rightfully declare to be a crass, commercial way
Of getting guilty children to spend money.
Furthermore, I am hoping that I
Will turn into one of those wise, mature, sensible women
Long before this current decade is through.
But meanwhile, if you know what's good for you,
Send flowers.

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