Thursday, July 10, 2008

The 20 most annoying habits at work.

We all have annoying habits but in the close environment of a typical workplace, people should at least try to be more considerate of their fellow employees. Here are the Top 20 most commonly mentioned office complaints based on a recent New York Times survey:

Being interrupted with personal stories and small talk by coworkers about their lives, their children, their families, their hobbies, etc.

Using speaker phones in an open or cubicle office space where others are trying to work.

Talking on cell phones in public places, such as toilets, as though they're in a closed phone booth.

Talking repeatedly and unnecessarily in a foreign language while conducting business calls or personal / phone conversations.

Radios playing too loud.

Eating while talking on the phone, also during conference calls or while speaking at meetings.

Slurping coffee, eating noisily with mouth open, etc.

Making chewing gum noises such as popping, cracking, blowing bubbles.

Fidgeting, incessant pen-clicking and pen-twirling.

Leg shaking, twitching, and moving during staff meetings which usually shakes the whole table.

Cooking smelly foods in the community microwave – fish, burritos, onions. garlic. etc.

Leaving messes in the staff room.

Leaving dishes/cups/silverware in the sink day after day.

Raiding the employees’ refrigerator and eating someone else's food.

Using up the last supplies and then failing to order replacements.

Jamming the copy machine and then leaving it for the next person to take care of.

Personal body odor or its opposite, the use of excessive perfume.

People who come to work when they’re sick and contagious.

People who constantly use their Blackberries at meetings and during conversations with coworkers.

People who leave voice mails or e-mails with the message "Call me...", without providing any context whatsoever.

Let me know if I've missed your own pet peeve.

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