Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More tips on implementation.

Discussing issues in black or white terms does little to clarify these issues. If you can only deal with yolks or whites, it’s pretty hard to make a decent omelet. For example, it’s a mistake to believe that nothing can be changed unless everything can be changed.

Provide formal training “as needed“ during the implementation phase, rather than trying to get it over with all at once in the beginning. Skills and concepts can be acquired more effectively when there’s some previous context in which to assess their usefulness. Design the training around specific, identified needs rather than using existing packaged programs. The training focus should be developmental rather than remedial, as people tend to embrace the former while resisting the latter.

Don’t over-structure the details of implementation as doing so limits opportunities for initiative and learning by those involved. It also incorrectly presupposes that every detail can be planned in advance.

The normal human reaction when faced with changing is to go from Contentment –> to Fear & Denial –> to Confusion –> to Renewal –> then back to Contentment again. We all fear that uncomfortable place “between trapezes” when we’re in transit from the old to the new. If you can take away the fear, change becomes an opportunity.

Start by working with the 15% of employees who usually support changing if it’s well thought out. Marginalize the 15% who will always resist changing under any circumstances. Think of yourself as competing for the allegiance of the other 70% until you reach a critical mass. Then, many of the resisters frequently decide to leave on their own accord since no one is paying attention to them any more.

In general, people don’t resist change so much as they resist being changed. Try to reframe, “I don’t want to change,” into “It won’t work for me because…”

Tomorrow, we'll examine the final P, using Power to drive the change initiative.

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