Monday, July 5, 2010

Strange facts, figures and findings.

Post 518 - Another week, another set of facts and figures to think about - or not!

In California today, 7.5 percent of the state budget goes to higher education, while 11 percent goes to prisons. 30 years ago, 10 percent of the budget went to higher education and only 3 percent was allocated to corrections.

Only 46 percent of Americans think they’ll have enough money to retire compared to 92 percent ten years ago according to the latest Gallup poll on the subject. Among retirees, just 22 percent think their 401(k) will be a major source of income while 54 percent expect that Social Security will provide for them.

Iran executed 388 people last year – more than any other country in the world apart from China, according to Amnesty International. By comparison, there were 52 executions in the United States in 2009. Texas executed 24; followed by Alabama with 6; Ohio 5; Virginia, Oklahoma, and Georgia 3; Florida, South Carolina and Tennessee 2; and Missouri and Indiana 1 each. Russia hasn’t executed anyone since 1996, and the regulations of the Council of Europe prohibit it from doing so at any time in future.

It’s estimated that between 50 and 70 percent of jobs in larger companies are filled from the inside by internal transfers and promotions. This must make it difficult for these companies to bring in new ideas … it certainly doesn’t help.

Many people complain they never have enough time. Yet a lifetime, if calculated from week to week, is just 168 hours, repeated again and again. Subtract 56 weekly sleeping hours (eight a night) and 50 for work, and you still have 62 unscheduled hours each week. Husbands and wives talk to each other for a mere 12 minutes a day. So, whatever do you do with the rest of your time?

Lady Gaga has more Facebook fans that President Obama. Maybe it’s because she says she’ll ‘never forget you.’

Did you know that the World Health Organization has a Women's Orgasm Committee? Cindy Meston, who ‘s the head of the committee, interviewed over a thousand women to find out why they had sex. Their answers ranged from “it’s the closest thing to God” to “it gets rid of my migraines.” 60% of college students said they had friends-with-sexual-benefits relationships. 84% of women reported having sex even though they didn’t want to because, well, anything for a quiet life or because they wanted their partner to put out the garbage. I think Joan Crawford had possibly the best line ever on this topic: “I need sex for a clear complexion.” I guess men are more fun than Clearasil.

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